Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letters from prisoners

An organization I am involved with gets letters from prisoners across the country asking for help with their legal issues. When we have the time we research the prisoners' letters and send back short memos explaining the area of law to them. Many of our letters are from a prisoner who is preparing a habeas or a 1983 claim. Those letters I understand. I don't understand the letters from prisoners upset with their Public Defender and asking if we know of any lawyers who offer pro bono representation for indigent clients. We do know of lawyers who will work for no charge from you if you are indigent, they are called: PUBLIC DEFENDERS.

I really like Audacity's post about Michael Vick pleading guilty. I think I may print it out and mail it back to the prisoners who write in.

The best thing about Mike Vick pleading guilty is that if a client ever starts off with, “If I had a real lawyer…” I can say, “Mike Vick had a real lawyer.”
In unrelated news I will be guest blogging at PD Stuff starting on the 25th. I did a practice run today and posted two items. I'm like a PD blog intern.

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Audacity said...

A commenter pointed out to me that not only did he have a real lawyer, but he had SEVERAL of them.

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